Attakaindakara: Everyone’s Doing It

Here are two videos of comedy duo Kumamushi (クマムシ) doing their comedy routine “Attakaindakara” (あったかいんだから/’Cause It’s Warm), in which one man imagines being reborn as a girl and becoming an idol while his partner insults him:

Here’s the official music video of “Attakaindakara” after it was released as an actual song:

Here’s YouTuber Satoshi Castro’s (カストロさとし) English version of “Attakaindakara” (with a bonus rap breakdown):

Here’s J-pop duo Kobukuro (コブクロ) singing “Attakaindakara” at a concert:

Here’s visual kei airband Golden Bomber’s (ゴールデンボンバー) Shou Kiryuuin (鬼龍院翔) singing “Attakaindakara):

Here’s SKE48/AKB48’s Jurina Matsui (松井珠理奈) doing “Attakaindakara”:

Here’s AKB48/NMB48’s Yuki Kashiwagi (柏木由紀) doing “Attakaindakara” with Kumamushi:

Here are some more AKB48 members singing “Attakaindakara”:

Here is K-pop group Big Bang doing “Attakaindakara” (and “Rassun Gorerai” at a concert in Japan):

Here’s virtual idol Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) performing a slightly punk version of “Attakaindakara,” courtesy of producer HoneyWorks:

Here’s YouTube dancer Hima (ひま) dancing to the dance version of “Attakaindakara”:

Here’s wotagei (ヲタ芸) team Ginyu Tokusentai (ギニュ〜特戦隊) doing a wotagei routine to the dance version of “Attakaindakara”:

Meanwhile, Kumamushi keeps on keeping on with their routines/idol songs “Nandashi” (なんだし/What?) and “Shampoo” (シャンプー):

The only question left is whether “Attakaindakara” or “Rassun Gorerai” will take the Ryuukougo Taishou (流行語大賞/Top Buzzwords Award) in 2015.


Mayuyu Can’t “Rassun Gorerai” So Good

Here’s comedy duo 8.6 Byou Bazooka’s (8.6秒バズーカー/8.6-Second Bazooka) crazy popular comedy routine, “Rassun Gorerai” (ラッスンゴレライ):

Here’s YouTube performer Satoshi Castro (カストロさとし) doing “Rassun Gorerai” line-for-line in English:

And here’s AKB48’s Mayu Watanabe (渡辺麻友) doing “Rassun Gorerai” in two Vines posted by fellow member Yuki Kashiwagi (柏木由紀):

Her rhythm’s way off…but this is adorable so I’ll let her slide.

More Japanese Skaters in Commercials

Before, I introduced Yuzuru Hanyu’s (羽生結弦) all-singing no-skating gum commercial, but turns out that was just part of a greater trend of Japanese figure skaters doing things other than skating in commercials. Today, I have two more to show you.

One this commercial for cold medicine Stona (ストナ) starring Mao Asada (浅田真央) and her sister Mai Asada (浅田舞). Like Hanyu, Asada sings in this commercial, but she doesn’t sell it as well as Hanyu does.

Lacking singing yet far sillier is the series of commercials for the lottery, Takarakuji (宝くじ), where shogun-descendent-and-former-Olympic-skater-cum-variety-show-fixture Nobunari Oda (織田信成), along with Kayoko Ookubu (大久保佳代子), join a long-running campaign starring Taizou Harada (原田泰造) and Ryouko Yonekura (米倉涼子) to advertise the year-end lottery (年末ジャンボ/nenmatsu jumbo). The commercials play on Nobunari Oda’s reputation as a crybaby, which he often takes advantage of for comedic effect on variety shows.

There were lots of new faces on and near the podium for the All-Japan Championships this weekend. It’ll be fun to see what commercials the new kids find themselves in in the coming years.

Japanese Laxative Commercial Features Deer Poop

Japanese laxative medicine Colac First (コーラックファースト) has a very…interesting commercial on the airwaves now. My jaw dropped the first time I saw it on TV.

Here’s the commercial:

So what did you just watch?

First we have our protagonist, “hasn’t come out for 3 days deer” (3日目のデナーシカ/mikkame no denaashika). What hasn’t come out for 3 days? POOP.

Our constipated hero is standing around, feeling sorry for herself and her colon, when another, very fashionable deer walks by, humming and dropping a healthy row of pellets. Constipated-deer watches her peer deer crapping in public, and what’s her reaction? Jealousy! “Lucky (いいな/ii na),” she says.

But even if she wants to poop, she can’t.

Next, there comes an old man goat mailman. He, too, is pooping! Instead of the solid row of turds the first deer left behind, this goat craps in kind of a morse code pattern. Constipated deer is once again jealous. “Lucky!”

Can you imagine a semi-civilized animal world where the animals wear clothes and have jobs but still poop everywhere? Hurry up and invent sanitation, guys!

Anyways, thanks to Colac First, hasn’t-come-out-for-3-days-deer can finally poo! She uses her newfound ability to finish the character だ. Hip hip hooray! Poop!