Kansai Police Use Mario Kart to Prevent Car-Related Crimes

It’s hard to find topics to blog about, but sometimes things just fall into your lap.

When I came home from the supermarket today, there it was. It was hanging up right in the lobby of my very own apartment building. It was beautiful. Behold:


At first, it looks like an advertisement for a Mario Kart game. But no. No no no no. This is so much better.

Check the bottom:


“Kyoto Prefectural Police, Osaka Prefectural Police, Hyogo Prefectural Police”

This, friends, is an official police-sponsored campaign. Starring Mario.

What are the police telling us, via Mario?


“Prevent car-related crimes! Here are 5 Mario-recommended techniques”

I’m going to stop right here and make an confession before I go any further: I don’t like Mario Kart, or any other racing games. But…car-related crimes are not something you have to worry about in Mario Kart, right? That’s a different game, right?

So what does Mario recommend?


“Always lock your doors after getting out!”


“Keep your car empty!”


“Install an immobiliser!”


“Park in parking lots with good security features!”


“Use anti-theft screws and equipment!”

Okay. Those aren’t bad tips. But read them again, and then look at Mario’s car. Does…does that thing even have doors? Couldn’t thieves (Bowser?) just, like, pick it up and carry it away? Wait, why are the wheels sideways?

Anyway, there you have it. Kansai police using a racing game character to promote crime prevention. (I’m pretty sure that this has to do with the fact that Nintendo company headquarters are in Kyoto.) It’s amazing. And it literally came right to my back door. THANK YOU UNIVERSE.


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