Pigeon’s Halloween Costume: Sack Masks Are Always Scary (with instructions)

I have to wear a Halloween costume for work. I usually tend towards the cuter side of the spectrum (animals, a maid costume, etc.), but after seeing my scarier co-workers make children cry, I decided that I wanted a taste of that power. So this year, I’m going scary.

And what’s scarier than somebody with a sack on their head?


NOTHING, that’s what.

Here’s how I did it.

You’ll need:

– a pillowcase

– a marker

– scissors

– make-up (or paint, needle and thread, etc….depending on what you want to make)

– hairspray

– a wig (or a hat, accessories, a costume, etc….depending on what you want to be)

1. First, think of what kind of mask you’d like to make. I thought it’d be scariest to have a messed-up face and be normal from the neck down, so I decided to make a crazy lady face and then make sure to wear skirts with it (to show my legs and emphasize the inhumanity of my face). So that’s my thing this year. But the sky’s the limit with pillowcase masks!

2. Put the pillowcase on your head.


Oops, I didn’t mean to buy one with ruffles…but oh well, it was only 500 yen.

3. Use the marker to mark where your eyes are. WARNING: I got marker on my eyelids when I did this.


If you’re copying my design, go ahead and draw some nostrils over your nostrils, too. (Don’t cut the nostrils out in the next step though!!)

4. Take off the pillowcase and use the eye dots as a guide to find where you need to cut the eyes out.


5. Cut the eyes out.


Next, we’re going to decorate. From here the instructions are specific to my mask:

6. Put the mask back on and apply some lipstick, using your own lips as a guide. Duckface like crazy while you’re doing this!


7. Take the mask back off. Using the eyeholes, nostrils, and lips as a guide, apply a full face of makeup. Don’t worry about being too precise; the more unhinged your face looks, the better. Protip: This is a great opportunity to use old makeup that you probably should throw away.


8. Spray hairspray all over the mask to set the makeup. Hang it up to dry for a bit.


9. Voila!


Oh…but those ruffles though…

10. Accessorize!


This wig, by the way, cost 300 yen. 300 yen wig + 500 yen pillowcase = 800 yen costume. What a bargain!

And that’s it! Have fun making your own scary pillowcase mask! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!


Happy Halloween!


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