AKB48 “Kokoro no Placard” Single, Type D


This is actually the first time I’ve ever reserved a CD, but this time I HAD to make sure I got Type D, because…


…solo Mayuyu on the cover! AND Mayuyu is featured in every song!

Track list:

1. Kokoro no Placard (心のプラカード/My Heart’s Placard)

2. Sailor Zombie (セーラーゾンビ) by Milk Planet (ミルクプラネット). (Milk Planet is Mayu Watanabe (渡辺麻友), Yui Yokoyama (横山由依), and Karen Iwata (岩田華怜).)

3. Oshiete Mommy (教えてMommy/Tell Me, Mommy) (See my translation here)

4. Kokoro no Placard short ver.

5. Kokoro no Placard off vocal ver.

6. Sailor Zombie off vocal ver.

7. Oshiete Mommy off vocal ver.


For my bonus photo, I got the double Matsui (Rena Matsui (松井玲奈) and Jurina Matsui (松井珠理奈))


They are literally wearing balloons. That can’t be comfortable.

I’m going to try to do a speed translation of one song by tomorrow, and challenge myself to get all 3 songs done before anyone else on the internet does. We shall see.


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