Pigeon’s Recipes for Busy/Lazy People: No-Effort Doria


By the way, did you know that doria is not Italian food? I just found that out.

Anyways, this doria recipe is what happens when I have to cook dinner at 11:00 at night and don’t feel like doing it.

1. First of all, we need some rice, so fire up your rice cooker or get some instant rice or whatever. Dribble some olive oil on a paper towel and coat the inside of a oven-safe pan thingy, and put the rice in it.


2. Usually, if I made doria, I would make a tomato sauce similar to the one I introduced before, but today I don’t feel like doing anything, so these are my ingredients:


We have eggplant and two kinds of mushrooms, which is what I could get at the supermarket at 10:00 at night. There’s onion, which was in the fridge, and some chopped green onions, which were also in fridge and had expired the day before (one day won’t kill you). There’s some basil, which is my way of trying to make it look like I’m making an effort. There’s also prosciutto (生ハム/nama ham), which I chose because it’s meat that you don’t have to cook.

I was determined not to use the frying pan this day.

3. Chop up/rip up all that stuff and throw it on top of the rice, thusly:


4. I didn’t feel like cooking a sauce today, so instead I invited my new friend over:


That’s Kagome Kakeru Tomato (かけるトマト/Pour-On Tomato) in tomato & basil (トマト&バジル) flavor.


Pour it on. Maybe use the back of a spoon to try to get some even coverage, but don’t kill yourself over it, it’s not that big of a deal.

5. Cover the whole damn thing in cheese.


6. Now the cooking part is up in the air, so I’ll leave that to you. Today, I cooked it for 30 minutes under the “grill” function of my oven. You could try baking it. You could even microwave it if you really don’t give a crap.

7. While it’s cooking, maybe make a fresh salad to go with it.


Did I say “fresh”? I meant “one tomato and some vegetables that come in envelopes.” Throw it in a bowl and splash some olive oil and vinegar on top and there, it’s salad.

8. All done!


The onions were still kind of raw but at this point it was 12:30 and any craps I gave were officially gone. Bon appetit!


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