Exciting Sushi at Sushiro

I finally went to Sushiro (スシロー) for the first time. Sushiro is a popular conveyor-belt sushi (回転寿司/kaiten zushi) chain. I’ve only started eating sushi fairly recently, so the only conveyor-belt sushi chain I had had experience with was Daiki Suisan (大紀水産), where I mainly eat 300-yen salmon and 500-yen crab. The reason I wanted to check out Sushiro was because I’ve been hearing a lot about their french fries which, you know, is kind of weird for a sushi place. But I found so much more at Sushiro.

For one thing, Sushiro is cheap! Most of the sushi there cost 100 or 180 yen. At Daiki Suisan, about the only thing that’s that cheap is the egg sushi! But at Sushiro, I had this amazing salmon roe (いくら/ikura) and my husband had huge scallops (帆立/hotate) for 180 yen each.

ikura hotate

Sushiro also had a lot of what’s often called “sousaku zushi” (創作寿司/creative sushi). A lot of this creative sushi comes about because it’s, well, cheap. But it’s still good! Here’s Sushiro’s take on salmon: nice salmon with roe (left), normal salmon (right), and salmon with a piece of avocado and a bunch of mayonnaise on top (middle).


There was also scorched salmon with basil and cheese (right), and a prosciutto (生ハム/nama ham) sushi with onions and mayonnaise (left). There was a lot of mayonnaise.


And shrimp tempura (えび天ぷら/ebi tempura) sushi:


Besides all the interesting menu items, another exciting thing about Sushiro is the touchscreen ordering device at each table. You can use this device to order any variety of sushi, of course, but you can also get items as diverse as ramen, udon, desserts, drinks…and french fries.


When you order something from the touchscreen, it comes around on the conveyor belt in little dishes marked with your table’s color (so other people won’t steal it!). The touchscreen sounds an alarm and a voice tells you a few moments before your order comes by, so you won’t miss it.

Here’s what came when we ordered 4 servings of miso soup with clams (蛤の赤だし/hamaguri no akadashi).


As you can see, we were at the green (緑/midori) table!


For dessert, I ate a parfait with soda-flavored jelly and ramune (ラムネ) candy pieces, but I forgot to take a picture until I was almost finished.

Oh, and I also ordered the french fries:


…twice. They were crispy and hot.

By the end of our meal, the table was covered with piles of dishes:


The bill was only around 5000 yen! That’s nuts!

If there’s a Sushiro near you, definitely go check it out!


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