Month: July 2014

Dempagumi.Inc’s Cup Noodle CM Song To Be Released As A Single! (でんぱ組.inc) appeared in a commercial for Nisshin’s Cup Noodle (カップヌードル), which likened idol otaku to modern-day samurai, “swearing allegiance to their master.”

You can see Dempagumi sing and dance the whole short version of the CM song in the making-of video, starting at around 1:16:

But until yesterday, only the short version was available.

Then, yesterday, Dempagumi’s official YouTube page uploaded the full music video of this song! The title is “Chururi Chururira” (ちゅるりちゅるりら).

Both the video and the lyrics have a feudal Japan aesthetic, and the rousing chorus of “FIGHT! (FIGHT!) FIGHT! (FIGHT!)” makes this a perfect song for psyching yourself up.

The “Chururi Chururira” single goes on sale on July 30.

Update: See my English translation of “Chururi Chururira” here

By the way, Dempagumi’s Cup Noodle commercial isn’t being aired anymore, but its successor is pretty good, too. It’s about girls who love manga and dream of a “kabe-don” (壁ドン).