Month: June 2014

Faito Mayuyu!

Kaze no Violin (風のバイオリン/The Wind’s Violin)

Mayu no Tame ni (麻友のために/For Mayu)

Nantai Ren’ai Kuragekko (軟体恋愛クラゲっ娘/Invertebrate Love Jellyfish Girl)

Nagisa no Cherry (渚のCHERRY/Cherry on the Beach)

Kimi wa Boku Da (君は僕だ/You Are Me)

Kibou Sanmyaku (希望山脈/Mountain Range of Hope)

Hikaru Monotachi (short ver.) (ヒカルものたち/Shining Things) (full version here)


The Labrador Retriever Single, and Election Results Tonight!

Today’s the day!

AKB48 General Election Results day!!

The results will be broadcast live on Fuji TV starting at 7:00 (updated–I was wrong, sorry) and going for a staggering 5 HOURS AND 10 MINUTES. I guess that’s what happens when the election goes all the way to 80th place this year…(it “only” went to 64th place last year).

According to the May 21 early report (速報発表), which was released after only one day of voting, last year’s winner, Rino Sashihara (指原莉乃) was in first place. My oshimen, Mayu Watanabe (渡辺麻友), was in second place, but around 8,000 votes separated her and Sashihara. Come on, Mayuyu! You can do it!

I did vote, by the way.

voting ticket


I bought my “Labrador Retriever” single, which contained the above voting code, at around 2:00 pm on May 20, the day it was released. Even then, the limited version (初回限定盤/shokai gentei ban) of the Type-B single was sold out, so I wound up buying the normal edition (通常盤/tsuujou ban). Covers:



Even though it’s the Type-B version, there is not a single picture of Mayuyu to be found anywhere on the jacket or the liner notes! What? Apparently, she’s on the Type-A version.

Here are the bonus photographs I received with my single:



A two-shot of Haruka Shimazaka (島崎遥香) and Sayaka Yamamoto (山本彩), and one of Kanon Kimoto (木本花音).

There are 3 songs on the Type-B “Labrador Retriever” single:

First is “Labrador Retriever” (ラブラドール・レトリーバー), a very nice and sunny and slightly retro summer song. The Japanese lyrics and my shot at translating them are at the bottom of this post.

The second track is “Kyou Made no Melody” (今日までのメロディー/The Melody Up To Today), Yuko Oshima’s (大島優子) graduation song. It’s a pretty meh song, but I’m sure Oshima fans love it.

The last track is “B-Garden” (Bガーデン), where all of the current AKB48 Team B members each say their own nickname while the group sings a short blurb about each of them. It kind of reminds me of Morning Musume’s (モーニング娘。) “Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari” (女子かしまし物語/Chatty Girls’ Story).

There’s a DVD included with the CD, too, which includes the music videos for those 3 tracks, and part of the making-of video for the “Labrador Retriever” PV (great if you love dogs!).

The lyrics to “Labrador Retriever” and my translation of them are under the jump.

See you all tonight for the election results! Hit me up on Twitter @squeekzoid if you’re live-tweeting.