48 Group General Election Appeal Videos: The Special Ones

The General Election appeal comments (総選挙アピールコメント) are up on YouTube! There are a lot of them. A lottttttttt. I’ve chosen some especially…unique ones, to save you some of the trouble of searching yourself. You’re welcome.


AKB48 Team A, Minami Takahashi (高橋みなみ)

Don’t need to appeal, I got this.

AKB48 Team A, Haruna Kojima (小嶋陽菜)

“Why am I moving like this? Because if I stop…I turn sexy.”

AKB48 Team A, Mariko Nakamura(中村麻里子)

Looks like she’s got a future career as a Yoshimoto comedian.

AKB48 Team B, Natsuki Uchiyama (内山奈月)

She wears a suit and recites part of the Japanese constitution and eats rice and is SO CUTE.

AKB48 Team 4, Miki Nishino (西野未姫)

Wanna watch a girl eat a bug?



SKE48 Team E, Akari Suda (須田亜香里)

Wanna watch a girl cut her nails?



NMB48 Team N, Yuuki Yamaguchi (山口夕輝)

What…what are you…oh god don’t hurt me

NMB48 Team N/AKB48 Team K, Sayaka Yamamoto (山本彩)




HKT48 Team H, Haruka Kodama (兒玉遥)

Nice bar trick.

HKT48 Kenkyuusei, Misaki Aramaki (荒巻美咲)

If the camera moved 90 degrees to the right, this video would be illegal.



Anyways, I’m still voting for Mayuyu. Her video was pretty weak, though.


Have some time to kill and want to go appeal video treasure hunting? They’re all on YouTube!

AKB48 Playlist

SKE48 Playlist

NMB48 Playlist

HKT48 Playlist

JKT48/SNH48 Playlist



      1. Thank you. I will have to look it up and check it out. I’m both happy and sad that Takahashi-san will graduate in 2015 (I’ve heard.)

    1. I have a confession: I’m still a Mayuyu oshi and will vote for her, but Sayaka’s the only one who’s seriously tempting me to oshihen, because…damn. Maybe next year.

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