Pee Taxi

A taxi driver was arrested in Shijounawate City (四條畷市) in Osaka Prefecture for giving a woman snacks laced with a diuretic and causing her to pee herself in his taxi, all for his sexual pleasure.

The Asahi Shimbun (朝日新聞) reports:


“‘The sight of a woman holding it excited me,’ he said, confirming the allegations. ‘I’ve done it 40 to 50 times since about two years ago.’ he testified.”



“When she asked him to stop at a bathroom, he said ‘If you can’t hold it, you can pee in the car,’ and handed her a urine absorbency sheet meant for use by caretakers.”

( ゚д゚)


“In a search of his house, about 120 diuretic pills and many videos of women recorded by an in-car camera were found. ‘I enjoyed watching the videos,’ he testified.”



I try to avoid riding taxis, and whenever I have to ride in one, I try to memorize the driver’s name (it’s always on the dashboard) just in case something happens. I always felt kind of bad for being suspicious of the poor, usually older man driving me, but no more. From now on, I’m texting the driver’s name to my husband the second I get into a taxi.

By the way, a few years ago, there were several incidents of somebody getting into taxis, cutting the driver’s throat from behind, and stealing their money. That happened in Sakai City (堺市), also in Osaka. All the fucked-up taxi stuff happens in Osaka!

Anyways, if a taxi driver offers you snacks, ffs, don’t eat them.

Taxi driver arrested after slipping female passengers drugs so he could watch them pee (Rocket News 24 English)

タクシー運転手を逮捕 女性客に利尿剤、連れ回した容疑 (朝日新聞)


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